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Optimize the production of your RE power stations

Whether you are the owner, the operator or the maintenance manager, Datem Cloud will provide you with all the necessary track records for analyzing the efficiency and profitability of your production units.

Adapted to all renewable energy sources, whether you are the power plant owner, operator or maintenance manager

Datem Cloud is dedicated to the management of electricity production from all renewable sources: wind energy, hydroelectricity, photovoltaic, marine energy, etc.

This service automatically processes all the data collected from your RE power stations, in order to display standardized operation and production reports on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

It offers global statistical views, potentially aggregating several power stations. It also allows to explore in detail the data from any individual production unit in order to highlight any misbehavior, causing production losses.

Furthermore, it enables the maintenance teams to analyze faulty situations and their frequency, in order to make proper corrections and consequently improve the reliability and availability of their production units.

The all-in-one evolutionary platform

Datem Cloud is an all-in-one service, adapted to the new needs of electricity production management.

  • Analyze the past

    Play with different timescales, compare the indicators, review the log of events and incidents and edit your PDF reports. Datem Cloud computes for you all the indicators you need to analyze the functioning and performance of your electricity production units.

  • Monitor in real-time

    Display and monitor in real-time the operational data and the production of your power stations. Datem Cloud keeps a close eye on your production units and alerts you in case of incident.

  • Anticipate the future

    Determine your short-term production. Datem Cloud offers you the production forecast with high precision (currently available for wind energy).

  • Your data is secured

    Datem cloud ensures data acquisition, storage and archiving on the Cloud, in total security. Do not waste any more time in maintenance of TIC infrastructure: a web browser is enough to benefit from all the services provided by the platform.

  • Fit to all your RE facilities

    Because each RE power station is different, Datem Cloud supports a large spectrum of equipment, data formats and protocols. Moreover, a built-in tool facilitates the coding of specific interface drivers.

  • Close to you

    By design, Datem Cloud is really flexible and evolutionary. Texsys offers you its skills and know-how in the domain of renewable energies in order to guarantee the full adequacy of the platform services to your own needs.

Ready to integrate Datem Cloud at the heart of your facilities?

Contact us if you wish to analyze together your needs and requirements

A promising and very reactive platform. The wind energy production forecast is already very interesting for the wind forms connected in HTB (63 kV) to the RTE, like our wind farm of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône.

Michel Schmerber
Mistral Energie operation manager